Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How fast will you ship my order?
A: It depends on whether printing must be outsourced or whether it can be done in house. If I print in-house, I like to allow 24 hr for print drying, and another 24 hr for topcoating. Please simply contact me for a shipping ETA.

Q: What happens if my shipment is damaged?
A: Just ship it back to me, and I'll ship you another.

Q: What happens if I don't like a picture I receive?
A: I'll be happy to give you an 80% refund. The remaining 20% covers my material costs.

Q: I want to send someone one of your framed prints as a gift. Do you ship to other addresses?
A: Absolutely.

Q: The online images all have a diagonal band of text on them. Will that appear on the final print?
A: No. I only put that on the online version so that people won't take my images and use them elsewhere -- or print them.

Q: Do your photographs fade?
A: All images fade and deteriorate with time, with no exceptions. However, our pigment-based ink prints should still look quite good in the 22nd Century, hanging over your great great great grandson's mantle. The printing methods I use are state-of-the art, and all of my inks and papers are archival. If you frame them properly and keep them in ordinary interior conditions, there should be no more than a 5% fade or color shift over a period of 100 - 200 years, based on accelerated independent testing. This is probably not what you've experienced with common inkjet prints; however, those prints are made with non-archival dye-based inks and have a print longevity of between 5 and 15 years (again, when properly framed and kept in ordinary interior conditions).

Q: [for Sarah] Can we hire you to photograph ________?
A: Probably. I've photographed weddings, home remodeling jobs, houses for sale, small items for sale, and much more. I will likely photograph anything that isn't obscene, offensive, or dangerous. Please
contact me to discuss what you need photographed.

Q: I see a lot of changes on your website. What all did you do?
A: I did a major revamp of the website in January 2010 to address several issues and to evolve with the business. I stopped selling framing and matting services, because of the hassle factor. Now I only sell prints. I made the images larger and more viewable, but I also watermarked them to prevent their theft. I made the pages a bit easier on the eyes by shrinking and removing some detail from the background pattern, and by dimming (graying) the text slightly. I also got rid of all of the right justification, which bothers some people. I greatly simplified all of the image pages, because I don't think anyone read all the technical stuff anyway. I eliminated PayPal shopping cart functionality and went straight to an "email me" sort of system. I approximately doubled my image offerings, including with many photographs from my Colonial Williamsburg project. I formally hung out my shingle for web design services. I went to a more modular design for the scripts on my webpage, so that they are easier to edit. I did a quick read-through and update of all of my articles and misc. text. And I organized all of my various writings in a category of their own. I guess I like to write! ;-)

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